We’re sending over greetings

From our house through to yours

We cannot go outside

We have to stay indoors


But that will never stop us

From sending a hello

to contacts who become fast friends

And everyone we know


I’m sure that you have missed us

It has been quite a while

I bet you’ve missed my naughty wit

And my snappy dress style


It won’t be very long from now

I’m positive of that

I’ll be sitting at your desk again

Enjoying a lengthy chat


Discussions over telephone

Emails about your brand

Soon I’ll be in front of you

With newspapers in hand


The future of our dealings

Will be a different game

But my smiley face and friendly me

Will always stay the same


From our family at Arena

We wish you all the best

And when this bug is gone for good

We’ll celebrate this test


Until then we’ll communicate

By email and by phones

and spend time making memories

with family in our homes


Poem written by Alex Schneeberg


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