Johannesburg, xx August 2018:  The Sunday Times is proud to be associated with the Nando’s #rightmyname campaign that received the Grand Prix Award for Print Communication: Tactical use of Newspaper, at the 2018 Loeries Awards held in Durban.  Only 6 Grand Prix awards, the highest accolade at the Loeries, were awarded in total.

Nando’s partnered exclusively with the Sunday Times, SA’s best-selling weekend newspaper, to promote the #rightmyname campaign which aimed to correct the exclusion felt by millions of South Africans when their names were reflected as errors by spellcheck.

“We’d like to congratulate Nando’s, and the creative team at M&C Saatchi Abel on their award as recognition of the effectiveness of their creative work.  We’d also like to congratulate and thank media agency The Media Shop, for a relationship that allowed the Sunday Times to prove the on-going power of print, along with our commitment to print innovation,” says Reardon Sanderson, GM Group Sales & Marketing at Tiso Blackstar.

With Sunday Times readership in excess of 2 million people, and reach that extends widely across race, age, income and gender demographics, the Nando’s #rightmyname campaign gained broad and effective exposure.  More than 70,000 unique names were added to the #rightmyname database, and subsequently were available for download in online dictionaries.

“For a very progressive, dynamic brand like Nando’s to invest in a newspaper campaign shows that print continues to deliver major impact in this country.  A newspaper is not something that disappears with a click…it’s a physical product, that can be handled and shared within households across SA, often being kept in homes for days. It’s what makes print such an effective advertising medium,” concludes Sanderson.


Issued by:                    Samantha Pugh, Pugh Public Relations & Corporate Communications

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On behalf of:               Reardon Sanderson, GM Sales & Marketing, Tiso Blackstar Group

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