Wanted Readership


Business Day’s award-winning* glossy lifestyle supplement Wanted is essential reading for the educated, the affluent and the influential. Unashamedly glamorous, it holds real appeal for discerning, cultured consumers who like to stay ahead of the game outside of the boardroom. Wanted is for those who work hard and play even harder. Whether sipping champagne up front in an A380 or jetting down a ski slope at 100km/h, these professionals live on the edge and insist on life’s finer things. Wanted has an eclectic mix of serious, insightful and witty journalism about who’s hot and going places, exclusive big-personality interviews, and the most coveted cars. We’re also hot on the heels of the latest high-street fashion, tomorrow’s technology, and gadgets for grown-ups. Plus, we’ll whisk you away to exotic destinations, while delivering first-class, non-stop lux-factor news worth knowing to use all year ‘round.

* ADvantage ADmag Gold Award for Best Magazine Supplement for three years running, and Sanlam SA Fashion Journalism Award 2008 for Editing.